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A Philosophical Journey by Arthur Farndell





We are all on a Philosophical Journey in our search for the Truth. The roads we travel are varied but the destination is the same. This is why we can all learn from each other, support each other’s efforts, and inspire each other. Every one of us has a unique and fascinating tale to tell about our spiritual adventures. Arthur’s journey began in early childhood and has continued into his early eighties. Walk with him through the decades and take this opportunity to share your own experiences with other pilgrims who have responded to the Pull of the Way. 


Arthur Farndell has been a member of the School of Philosophy and Economic Science since 1960. He graduated at Cambridge in modern languages and became a teacher. He is the author of Maths and English course books, a Mahabharata Companion, Ficino volumes, and also translator for a contemporary advaita teacher called Raphael. He has presented Ficino events in the UK, Australia, Spain, Greece, Ireland and Italy. Being a Sanskrit scholar, he has led Sanskrit study weeks in Australia and New Zealand. He married in 1961 and has five children, ten grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.



Topic: "The Pull of the Way" Series of Talks at the Kingston Branch

Time: 7.45pm Monday 22nd February 2021. Join Zoom Meeting:-


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