Welcome to the School of Philosophy South East London

An exploration of Mindful Living, Wisdom and Happiness

Our Present Opportunity... What would the wise do? By Brian McGeough

An Online talk using Zoom by Brian McGeough on how the

principles of Practical Philosophy and the words of the Wise

may guide us in these challenging times.

10.00am. Saturday 26th September 2020


The talk will last 1 hour and followed by a 20 minute break after which

questions posted by email will be answered until 12.00 noon.


To obtain the Zoom link to join the meeting, please register with

Trybooking.com by clicking:


and paying £10.00.


On receipt of the Zoom link, please do not share it with others

as it is unique to you. 

For more details go to: https://schoolofphilosophywessex.org

All are welcome (Max No. 300 Zoom connections)


Proceeds will be donated to the School of Philosophy and Economic Science.

Registered Charity Nos. 313115 & SC039950